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Such an interpretation can be derived from Article 52 of the Labour Law which provides for the Minister of Labour’s authority to require certain firms, specified by him, to accept for employment a certain number or percentage of national trainees, subject to terms and conditions and for such a period as may be specified by him and agreed with the management of the firms concerned.

Such conditions suggest that local firms handling such training are in fact performing national functions with the guidance of the Ministry of Labour.

This must be completed by the trainee and the firm and forwarded to the Society for registration within three months of the start of the training contract.

If you have any queries in relation to your entrance certificate or training contract, please contact [email protected] or telephone 01, option 3.

Others regard it as a mixed contract based on the existence of both work and training in the said contract.

This can be a federal Truth in Lending Act violation since it will lead to interest for the period prior to the actual execution of the replacement RISC that can be a misstatement of the APR. Training F&I personnel and making sure that they understand the dangers of backdating are, of course, important.Here’s a sanitized version of a handout I put together for a client’s sales-training pres­en­ta­tion some time back.It summarizes 12 ways in which sales people can get themselves and the company into trouble. Sales reps / managers are not to sign legal type documents without approval from [VP Sales].They are not labour contracts (despite the existence of a wage, period and dependency) because of the difference in the purpose of the contracts.The Labour Law Although training contracts are regulated under the Labour Law in the UAE, it is still argued that the law considers such contracts as non-binding on its parties.

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