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Install takes a lot on the LT1 as it requires the engine be lifted or the lower cradle dropped since the oil pan must come off to get the oil pump and timing stuff off..

- Set of metric sockets, deep and normal (from 8mm to 19mm is good) - Set of Metric wrenches (8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 19mm) - Metric "Gear" wrenches (not absolutely necessary, but REALLY handy) - 8mm hex allen wrench - Torque wrench for 20lb/ft up to 150 lb/ft - Various socket extensions, ranging from 3" to 12" - Medium length socket wrench - Large 1/2" drive breaker bar - Piece of pipe to slip over breaker bar handle - 1/2" drive 24mm socket - Adapter from 1/2" drive to 3/8" drive - 3 armed pulley puller - Felt tipped marker (if using stock headbolts) - Plastic ice scraper - Prybar or large flathead screwdriver - Medium sized pliers (for hose clamps) - Medium sized flat head screwdriver - 3/8" fuel line disconnect tool - 3 gallon Bucket - Supplies: - 7 quarts of oil - new oil filter - Jug of dexcool compatible coolant - RTV Hightemp silicon gasket maker - Locktite (red tube) - Tube of Anti-seize - Shop rags, roll of paper towels - One can of compressed air with plastic straw (look in computer section of an electronics store) Like many others, you are looking for more horsepower.

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The Iola Car Show is a non-profit organization which gives money to 130 different groups and organizations that contribute volunteers to the production of the event.I’m not suggesting you should view all your pictures in the field, but you need to verify your trail camera is working properly before you swap cards and leave it for another scouting session. This condensation produces blurred images and can last for days.Moisture absorbing packs like Humidisorb control the humidity inside your scouting camera case and prevent condensation.Grab a bucket and place it under the petcock valve on the passenger side of the radiator. As the coolant drains into the bucket, continue on with the next step.Using a flathead screwdriver untighten the clamp where the intake duct meets the throttle body.

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