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They are also much less likely to receive replies to job applications when submitting CVs.

1 in 8 Muslim women said they had been illegally asked in a job interview if they plan on getting married or having children, compared to 1 in 30 non-Muslim women.

Like most Muslim women who cover, they do so only in front of men who are not in their immediate family.

Aliya, a 20-year-old student at the University of Georgia, wears the hijab, or headscarf.

Muslim women are much less likely to have a graduate level job than Christian women with the exact same qualifications and are also less likely to receive replies to job applications, researchers found Muslim women are experiencing a ‘double-bind’ of religious and gender discrimination which sees them subjected to abuse and harassment in the workplace, online and in public life, new research has warned.

Muslim women have been found to face significant barriers in the workplace, including pregnancy discrimination, an enlarged pay gap and racial profiling in job applications.

The report, titled ‘Forgotten women: The impact of Islamophobia on Muslim women in the UK’ was commissioned by the European Network Against Racism and British group Faith Matter to ascertain the experiences of British Muslim women.

Verbal harassment in public areas was another common issue raised by women in the study.

urope seems to be obsessed with the attire of Muslim women.

Last month, the European Court of Justice ruled against two Muslim women from France and Belgium, upholding the right of their employers to ban them from wearing headscarves.

Their actual effect, however – whether they ban the full face veil or merely let employers ban the headscarf – will be to force Muslim women out of public life.

hen faced with this quandary, many women who observe the headscarf because of religious convictions and personal choices will not in fact choose to turn their back on these beliefs.

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