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In a decision binding on the other 72, a court has decided that three of them must pay both their fines, which after months of non-payment have increased to £128 per ticket, and the court costs of £26,000.One nurse’s claim to owe £150,000 may be exaggerated, but some owe thousands.

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by AFnurse211 - This article establishes that leadership qualities are sought after in a nursing environment but rarely are found.God knows why an institution capable of caring for 65 million people from cradle to grave can’t run its own car parks, but no doubt there are sound bureaucratic reasons why emptying coins from machines is more challenging than perfecting stem-cell research Now and again, when it comes to illuminating the festering wounds of a nation in serious decline, it’s the tiny things that shine the most piercing light.Nothing in Christendom or beyond is as trifling as the parking ticket hard luck story.- Registered Nurses are individuals who dedicate their lives to not only make a change in the world but in people’s lives as well.They live their life day by day to cure health issues that their patients may by dealing with or in the process of trying to overcome.

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