Prison internet dating psychology research

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The experiment is a topic covered in most introductory psychology textbooks.Guards and prisoners had been chosen randomly from the volunteering college students.They were willing participants in the Stanford Prison Experiment, one of the most controversial studies in the history of social psychology.

To help reach a wide audience, study links posted here are also publicized via Twitter and an RSS feed (a combined subscriber base of over 211,000 people).Certain portions of the experiment were filmed, and excerpts of footage are publicly available.The BBC Prison Study explores the social and psychological consequences of putting people in groups of unequal power.This page in the psychology research guide is for those who want basic information on psychology topics.If this this page doesn't supply enough information for your needs in psychology, the other tabs all contain information relevant for researchers in the discipline. Use the indexes or abstracts to the right to look for journal articles in the area of psychology.

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