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30, with the Brazilian-born priest boasting of his recent sexual encounters with a 16-year-old and a 14-year-old, Delray Beach Police spokesman Jeff Messer said.

Police think Guimaraes, recruited from his native country to serve the growing Brazilian community of Catholics in South Florida, used the mission's computer to log into the chat rooms.

Prosecutors note that a key to avoiding entrapment during a police operation is the predisposition of the accused.

For example, in many Internet-based sex crimes, evidence showing the accused visiting certain websites for specific activities could be used to argue predisposition.

Entrapment is a defense raised in cases where law enforcement entices someone into committing a crime they would otherwise not commit.

David Rothenberg, 47, was arrested in February after he was caught communicating in an online chat room for "daddaughtersex" with an undercover police officer.Detectives were trying to retrieve the equipment on Tuesday to search for evidence of other victims.The priest is being held in the Palm Beach County Jail on charges of computer pornography and resisting arrest without violence. "It's rather disturbing the extent and detail he went into [in the e-mails] about sex with juveniles," Messer said.Rothenberg, who has been locked up since his February arrest, is also facing state charges that he sexually abused and molested the underage girl.He has not yet indicated if he will fight those allegations.

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