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You can PDF the invoice and save it in a folder before you send it to the database. Formula for cell C19 =C22 Formula for cell D19 =D22 Count stock for chart We are referencing the named range Action that we create when we add new products and running a count if formula based on one of three text statements. Zoom = 90 End With End Sub '————————————————————————————— ' Procedure : Advanced_Products ' Author : Trevor ' Date : 20/07/13 ' Purpose : '————————————————————————————— ' Sub Advanced_Products() Dim area As range On Error Go To Advanced_Products_Error Application. Select Clearme Set area = Sheet3.range("C5: J10000") area. Tint And Shade = -0.499984740745262 End With With Sheet1.range("C23: I300") . I think it truly is a wonderful little application and believe that we are presented a lot of ideas here that you will be able to use to make your own work truly awesome.

You can create statements for any customer in any time period and those statements are flexible enough to allow you to show just the totals for each invoice or invoice totals and all items on the invoice. " Create the pie chart below from the three formulas and the headers. Format the charts to suit your personal taste and the theme that you have set for your application. $R:$R000)) The two named ranges above I used to create the chart that you see illustrated here. Add this code to the worksheet code Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() With Active Window . Advanced Filter Action:=xl Filter Copy _ , Criteria Range:=Sheet1.range("C19: D20"), Copy To Range:=Sheet1.range("C22: I22"), _ Unique:=False Protect_All On Error Go To 0 Exit Sub Advanced_Products_Error: Msg Box "Error " & Err. Description & ") in procedure Advanced_Products of Module Filters" End Sub This advanced filter filters our dataset based on the category and or this advanced filter in place we are then able to run conditional formatting to highlight the actions required. At me know how you get on and if you get any problems more than happy to offer some advice as time permits.

Another DSum() expression on the table of uses/invoices gets the number disposed of. For heavily used databases, there are two practical problems: To solve the second problem, most companies do periodic stocktakes.

The stocktake gives you a known starting point, so it solves the first problem too: you can limit your calculation to transactions since then.

Storing the stocktake quantities is not denormalizing: any difference between the stored stocktake value and a pure calculated value is not a lack of data integrity.

It's valuable information that may be worth reporting on.

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Amend this formula to make it an IFERROR and if the multiplication returns an error, leave the cell blank.If your order is large you can go to the product list and just fill in the quantities next to the list and then click a button and your invoice will be populated with all of those products instantaneously. Look up customer ID We need the customer ID because that is what is in our dataset so this formula will look that up for us and it will become part of our filter criteria. $G:$G000)) The two named ranges above I used to create the chart that you see illustrated here. $M:$M000)) Dynamic named range called [Chart Total] no brackets =Interface! To see how to do this quite quickly watched the video for clear instructions. We will be able to see what has been sold to date than what is in stock and also what action it would be necessary for us to take with regard to this stock level. Clear Contents End With End Sub Sub Clearme() With Sheet1.range("c23: I300"). This application has been designed by Trevor Easton for training purposes. The application as is or modified in not permitted for sale in any form.The interface sheet contains a dashboard that really stands out and shows clearly the stock levels the customer sales and what needs to be reordered. J5 These formulas linked to the sale sheet to make sure that the headers are the same which is imperative when we running an advanced filter. Formula for P20 =IF(O20="","", VLOOKUP(O20, Customer ID,2,0)) Criteria block for customers These are the formulas for the criteria block of filtering our customers in any given time period. $C:$C000)) Dynamic named range called [Chart Cat Total] no brackets =Interface! To see how to do this quite quickly watched the video for clear instructions. Dynamic named range called [Chart Date] no brackets =Interface! '————————————————————————————— ' Procedure : Advanced_Action ' Author : Trevor ' Date : 20/07/13 ' Purpose : '————————————————————————————— ' Sub Advanced_Action() Dim area As range On Error Go To Advanced_Action_Error Application. Select Clearme Set area = Sheet3.range("C5: J10000") area. Tint And Shade = -0.499984740745262 End With With Sheet1.range("M23: R300") . No warranties are implied or given with this application.During the last few posts we have been building on our knowledge of Excel VBA Macros.This time we will use what we have already seen, but now we are going to work with more than one file.

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